Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stan Lee Teases Different Kind of Cameo In X-Men Apocalypse

It's not a stretch to say that everyone knows Stan Lee. He was a co-creator of perhaps the most famous Marvel superhero of all time: Spider-Man. But over the years he's also helped in creating some of the most iconic characters in the Marvel comics, having served as a publisher for Marvel back in 1972 up to 1996. Since then he has become a producer in most of the Marvel films of 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal or Marvel Studios.

Of course one of the most iconic things about Stan Lee is the fact that he appears for a cameo role in most of the Marvel movie adaptations that he has helped create, having appeared in more than 20 movies like Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man and more. It must be fun having him around with his creations in the filming location. He also makes frequent appearances in animated and live-action tv series. We recently saw him in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the latest Marvel film Ant-Man.

As a matter of fact, we will get another cameo from him soon since Lee has confirmed a cameo in Bryan Singer's X-Men Apocalypse. A fan asked Stan Lee about his favorite cameo during a Q&A in Comic-Con, and here's what he has to say.

"I really love them all," he states, before tells the fan that his next cameo might be his favorite. "I did a cameo for the next 'X-Men' movie," Lee said before someone whispers in his ear and stops him from saying more. Possibly since this cameo is off-limits to the audience. "When you say I'm not allowed, will I be arrested?" Lee said in jest.

"When you go see the next 'X-Men' movie when it comes out, and see my fantastic cameo, you will say, 'I remember he told me about it here," said Stan Lee. "It's a different cameo in that it has one additional thing in it. And if that doesn’t make you go see X-Men, I’m wasting my time."

It could be anyone's guess at this point on. No footage or clips has been leaked of Stan while he was on the filming location so it seems like the studio has put a tight seal on his cameo. With that in mind, this could mean that his appearance will play a more significant role in the film compared to his light-hearted short appearances that he has made in the previous Marvel films.  He could possibly be a mutant in this film.

Although this might not be that big of a deal, it should be noted that Stan Lee hasn't made a cameo in an X-Men movie ever since X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006 so it's just about time that he makes another appearance in the franchise. Considering that Singer calls this film the "true birth of X-Men", it would be fitting to have one of it's creators have an important role in the movie.

All we're left to for now is speculations as to what Stan Lee might portray. We'll have to wait until X-Men: Apocalypse opens to theaters on May 27, 2016.


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