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25 Facts You Must Read Before Watching Justice League

Everyone got that Justice League fever for sure! I know because I’m a fan too. 

But before heading to the big screen, here are 25 trivia about Justice League that you must know. Discover exciting and shocking details about the characters, events and places. Calm yourself! And let the countdown begin! 

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25.         2 Directors and Others in Consideration
The film had 2 directors, Zack Synder (original) and Joss Whedon. Zack The former had to drop out of the project during after her daughter’s death. 

Joss who filmed the first 2 movies of Avengers had to do some reshoots and finish the film. Other directors are in consideration.  

24.          7 Members in Origin
Originally, Justice League has 7 members namely Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Marian Manhunter. Whereas, the team roster evolved through the years consisting a number of superheroes of the DC Universe. 

23.          3 of DC’s Revived Characters
It took four years for 3 of DC’s revived or surviving characters - the Atom, Hackman and Green Arrow to be added to the team roster.

22.          The Brave and the Bold #28
Justice League first appeared on screen as “The Brave and the Bold # 28” as conceived by Gardner Fox (writer).

21.          Justice League of America
The movie had its own comic book entitled Justice League of America in 1960.

20.          Creation of Additional Heroes
The book was successful leading to the creation of other heroes including Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and many more heroes as counterfeit to the Avengers. Justice League of America made its own competition until the 2 teams met in an epic change in 2003.

19.          Starro: The Giant Alien Starfish
On the cover of “The Brave and the Bold #28”, Starro was the first enemy that JLA faced.

18.          Darkseid and Brainiac
Subduing intergalactic villains, Darkseid and Brainiac is the true purpose of Justice Leaguehas the thing for over the thing is finally doing the same course of events when nothing seems. Darkseid is indeed a formidable foe of his counterpart. He’s one of the New God creations of Jack Kirby who brings terror and unstoppable threat to Justice League.

17.          Apokolips: What it looks Like?
Are you one of those who are waiting for the appearance of Apokolips? Ruled by Darkseid, Apokolips is described as a “wasteland covered in fire”, a home of the Lowlies and people who unable to sustain themselves. After the creation of New Gods, Apokolips became self-existent separate from New Genesis. A sequence in BvS, the Knightmare showed a resemblance of Apokolips to Earth having arkseid’s Omega symbol somewhere on its desolate surface.

16.          An Adaptation from “Fourth World” Series by Jack Kirby
Justice League acquired a lot of idea and inspiration from Kirby’s Fourth World. It was in the ‘70s when it was first published. The New Gods is a team of powerful interstellar beings who fight against evil forces.

15.          Mother Box
Familiar with Cyborg? It actually comprises of Mother Box which appeared in Batman v Superman. There came a new hero in JL, Ergo who is a half-sentient robot and half-man. Darkseid’s search for the Mother Boxes becomes harder as his forces might not even aware of the merging of the device with a human.

14.          Original Story Vs DC’s Revised History
Originally, the story of Justice League revolves on the core leaguers (Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Flash) forming a team of heroes to fight alien forces. But when DC first modified their own history following the Crisis in Infinite Earths, it was said that Wonder Woman had not been a part of the first wave of heroes and arrived years later. Then Black Canary took over in some JL histories.

13.         Wonder Woman is Back!
She is back to the League after surpassing the 12 trials of Hercules. Each trial was monitored by a secret agent from JL. Visit Enthusiast Here website if you’re looking for a Wonder Woman movie review.

12.          Original Heroes Dissolved, New Charter was Created
Aquaman had to dissolve the League when the original heroes failed to win the battle against Martians. He rewrote the charter allowing only dedicated heroes to the roster.

11.          New League
The new charter welcomed new heroes in the League consisting Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Elongated Man, Zatanna, the Vixen and three teenage heroes (Steel, Vibe and Gypsy). Martian Manhunter assumed the leadership after Aquaman left to resolve marital issues.

10.          Secret Love Affair
Do you know that Green Lantern and Hawkgirl were in love? Surprising, right?

9.             Thanigarian Invasion
Her involvement in the invasion had forced Hawkgirl to leave the Justice League on its second series. At the end of ‘Justice League Unlimited’ she was reunited with the League in the name of ‘Shayera’.

8.            War Hawk
Rejoining the League opened a new chapter for Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. They had a son named War Hawk.

7.            Runtime
Many seem to be confused of the runtime of Justice League. It appeared shorter than other DCs films with only 1 hour and 59 minutes. In comparison, Batman v Superman ran 2 hours and 31 minutes; Wonder Woman lasted for more than 2 hours while Man of Steel kept viewers seated for almost 2 ½ hours. In fact, it’s the shortest DC film so far.

6.            Edited Mustache             
Superman’s mustache is digitally edited for a reason. Henry Cavil’s shooting for Mission Impossible movie had made the big change.

5.            Cloned Galatea
After Supergirl’s defeat, Galatea was created out of Supergirl’s DNA. She became the major weapon of project Cadmus.

4.            DC Comic Worlds            
Watch out for some of DC comic universe in the film including Themyscira, Atlantis and other potential key locations. Well, most are adaptations.

3.            New Genesis: Apokolips Sister Planet
The destruction of Old Gods made a way for Fourth World planet to create the New Genesis, a technologically developed and greenery planet.

2.            Secret Cave
The League had an operation based in a secret cave outside a small town in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

1.            Superman’s Return
The world was broken of his absence so when Superman returned, it instilled hope to everyone especially to the League.

There you go! Get ready for a blast as you watch the movie. 


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