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Thursday, March 23, 2017

What I Love and Worry about the ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

When I was a kid, I used to scream ‘Go, go, go Power Rangers’! Yes, I am an avid fan of Power Range, and I would lay all my cards on the table. First off, I would say that Power Rangers flirt with jittery materials, such as the leaked- nude subplot, and the teen heroes uttering the word ‘shit’ many times. But I won’t say that it’s a cash grab at all. Personally, I have witnessed its ups and downs.
Power Ranges, a reboot after 20 years, is an attempt to create something new, while paying reverence to the original Fox’s kids show Might Morphin Power Rangers. Unfortunately, director Dean Israelite didn’t find a pretty way to balance the new and the old.

Power Ranges revolve around the story of five ordinary teens, who are destined to become extraordinary upon learning their idle town, and the whole world, is on the throes of an alien threat of evil sorceress called Rita Repulsa. Picked out by destiny, these 5 infamous ordinary heroes quickly find out that the safety of the world is in their hands. But first, they need to overcome their real-life conflicts before it’s too late, and band together to form the mighty Power Rangers.

The good thing about this reboot is that it invests a serious amount of time in grabbing the audience to resonate to its human aspects, and it succeeds in most parts. It’s refreshing to watch a movie that leans hard into the human needs. One of the most amazing moments is when the chosen five are sitting around a campfire and getting to know each other.

Another thing that makes Power Rangers worth watching is the cast. All our five new heroes are played by newcomers, and we can really see the contagious enthusiasm that they have shown. Their heroic sense of willingness and curiosity makes it amiable at the heart of Power Rangers.

If you missed the "Morphine Time", here's the video that will surely bring nostalgia in your end.

However, as the scene turns into ‘discovering of your own powers’, the movie starts to get a bit stale in its midway point.

Despite all the great fireworks, this film often looks like it would be way better if it’s at home, and not on the big screen. It’s a bit claustrophobic, and the low budget toku twist of the TV series is taken over by the alien tech designs, and the coolness of those frantic costumed marital arts battles is replaced by shaky cam and GCI slow motion.

If this movie took a bit more risks and expounded on some aspect of the mythology it clues at, it could have been a more worthwhile movie with a stronger appeal. However, at the very least, if you’re looking for a baggage-free superhero movie, with a feeling of nostalgia of your childhood’s Might Morphin heroes, this reboot won’t disappoint you at all. And if you’re a long time Power Rangers avid fans, you would love this movie than mock it. 

Imperfections aside, Power Rangers can be a cool introduction of a cinematic hero movie to the younger generation without Marvel’ credits.  I will give this movie 9/10 stars.

You can leave your comments below once you are done watching the Power Ranger 2017 movie.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

These ‘Oh-Wow’ Super-Realistic Versions Of Your Favorite Pokemons Will Surely Blow Your Mind

Sometimes, it can be so hard to remember that the Pokémon is just a cool game meant for children’s entertainment, especially that those little pocket monsters have now evolved into super-realistic versions. Get ready to be mind-blown! Here’s a selection of Pokémon characters redesigned by artist Joshua Dunlop in a series of images he dubs ‘Pokémon Zoology’.


Everyone loves the Bulbasaur! This small frog monster could be more marketable in this form. The artist rendered it a light-green blue body to make it look realistic. Add this to the blue-green spots, and look at the fiery eyes, and tell me that it’s not adorable. Well, every one of us would surely love seeing this monster evolve into a realistic Ivysaur or Venasaur.


Who among you would love to see Charmander turn into a hypsilophodon with a tail on fire? Everyone surely does! Well, this image is not actually like the lizard Pokemon monster, but there’s no doubt about it- it’s one of a kind impressive! It looks like no monster can beat Charmander now! And wait ‘til artists see more of the Kanto native to have a cool painting of this monster.

Your well-loved turtle Pokémon looks really awesome in its long curled tail. And while you’ll be amazed when it moves on its two feet or on its all fours, the real-life version looks stunning with its toes and fingers on its flippers. This is indeed a legit cute real Squirtle.


Let’s enjoy a real-life version of the cute mammalian monster with a brown fur and a bushy tail with a cream-colored tip. This image of our favourite ‘Eevee’ looks like it’s evolving into a powerful Flareon. Just state at its eyes and you’ll get a scary but still cute look from her, with its big ears of course and the lovely pink paw pads. The artist didn’t even forget the furry fur-collar.


Who won’t forget the adorable water-type monster who has trouble walking on feet due to lack of arms? Well, she may get unbalanced, but this real-life version of Poliwag looks interesting. It may look a bit of a penguin, or a tadpole, whatsoever, but it is really incredibly mind-blowing. We love the spiral on its tummy!


You want Oddish! Well this real-life version of the grass type monster Oddish looks surprisingly cool. Mind you, it’s not a veggie, so don’t put it in your garden salad. The artist really nailed in coming up with this real Oddish monster! Kudos to him!


The fluffy Ballon Pokemon, Jigglypuff shows us its furry side in its real-life version. Its round-ball shape and pink skin add to its well-sketched rubbery skin looks really amazing. Wait, everyone surely loves the tuff on the forehead. Or is that a fur?


This real-life version of the Ground-type Pokemon looks incredibly realistic in a vivid artistic background. The blend of brown skin and its cute brown eyes show how lovely Diglett can be if it was a real Pokemon monster.


This artistic resemblance of Butterfree only proves one thing. Its purple body really looks too good. Everyone surely looks forward to more real-life version of this insect-type monster. Oops, what about waiting for its evolution in Mega Butterfree real life? That sounds exciting!


Your favorite classic Pikachu really looks stunning in this super-reality version. Get to see Pokémon’s main monster start as a cute and little creepy bunny rabbit. It’s as if it creatively sprung from the modern-day Pete’s Dragon with a bonded cabbage on its tail. Well, Charmander has to get ready, Pikachu got tail on fire!

If you can’t get enough of Pokémon, then these real-life versions of your favorite pocket monsters will surely leave your mind blown! 

Credits to this Facebook Page.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kung Fu Yoga Review: Jackie’s Peppy Bollywood Dance Moves Save The Day

Have you grown up watching action superstar Jackie Chan’s endearing goofiness and comic timing in his action comedy movies? Or have you missed his expert kung fu moves? Unfortunately, his latest movie with Indian actor Sonu Sood, entitled ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ didn’t do all the beats, except for his fancy Bollywood-style dance moves.

And this is such a pity because Chan is known as an expert jokester. And many JC avid fans thought that this mixture of Kung Fu and Yoga in one movie, with Hindi-China yada yada, is supposed to be a barrel laughs for everyone. But the jaded kung Fu moves were obviously hardly labored, and they’re a yawn.

Here, Jackia Chan is an India Jones- themed archeologist hunting for valued Indian treasures with the help of younger assistants in this reunion movie with director Stanley Tong. When a lovely Indian professor, played by Disha Patani as Ashmita, approaches him with a map of Indian treasures from the Magadha Dynasty, Jack decided to do the exploration with his helpers.

The story starts with an animated comic that displays a war between the warriors from the Tang Dynasty and the villain general Arunasva. Next, there’s a cartoonish portrait of, like, 300 BC stuff. And frankly speaking, moviegoers and critics think that the movie makers should have chosen a better tittle than ‘Kung Fu Yoga’. Aside from a vague mention of Yoga’s breathing techniques, the movie has actually nothing to do with yoga.

The adventure takes the cast from one unusual destination to another, from an encounter with wolves in Tibet, an action-packed car chase with a lion in Dubai and hungry bunch of hyenas in Rajasthan. And of course, there’s the group of human villains equipped with raging guns. A bit of the movie is taken in Dubai just to give us a cool car chase with Jackie having an unexpected guest lion at the back seat. The crashes and roars may have ensued, but they’re all a big yawn for moviegoers. Even the bunches of clichés about India are frankly more wearisome than funny.

On the good side, the only time this Indiana-Jones styled movie comes to life is a cool item with all the casts and some extras. A vigorous closing dance sequence, following an underwhelming and sober climax, pays tribute to Bollywood dance numbers. His preppy Bollywood dance moves prove two things. Chan can break a leg. And a dance and song choreographed by Farah Khan still prevails. And oops, by the way, don’t expect to see customary bloopers on the closing credits.

Kung Fu Yoga | Song | Jackie Chan, Disha Patani Action-Comedy Movie

Rounding off, Kung Fu Yoga is chastely intended for Jackie Chan fans who want to witness how he bonds with Indian actors and actresses in an Indiana Jones style movie. Sad to say, this movie is definitely not his best performance ‘coz we all know what he has already proven. Watch this movie only if you are in the mood to enjoy some humorous action sequences and gestures. And of course, give it a try if you want to see how Jackie Chan can sportingly shake a leg in a Bollywood-style dance number.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Doctor Strange’ Stunning Example of Marvel Magic

As the latest addition to Marvel’s renowned superhero line-up, Doctor Strange pushes the Cinematic universe into a whole new direction- something that is cool, brilliant and bold. Critics are on board, leaving praises and compliments for the originality and imperious charisma of the characters. Indeed, Doctor Strange is an interesting break from the classic Marvel fare.

Looks entirely fresh!

By ditching the usual plots of technologically-gifted geeks and gallant super soldiers, Doctor strange feels entirely fresh. It sizzles with a lot of energy, transitioning from a single point to another, without any moment wasted.

Intensely electrifying effects

I also noticed that the movie does not just imbue an iconic theme for the hero, but it also creates an appropriate mood for the entire ride. The visual effects are electrifying and CGI is indeed skilled to imagine and create a world that is way far from other superhero movies. Kudos to Marvel’s brilliance this time once again.

I’m seriously impressed by the gnarling and twisting buildings such those segments of your Rubik’s cube. You’d love the adjacent edifice that buckles over and then starts to spin to take down different magical characters. The gravity shifts also look mesmerizing in every angle on the camera.

Boost To Marvel’s Slot Games
With a very stable reputed decades of comics leading to a large fan base, it’s no surprise that most of the characters have been adopted by the world of online casinos, too. At present, Marvel have many online slots games for those who can’t get enough of the heroes on movies.

Brilliant Attack To Characters
Critics also praise Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch for bringing an evident seriousness to his role that helps in bridging in the skepticism gap brought about by any comic movie. His reverent style to attacking his role, both as a narcissist, and a magic wizard, makes it easy for the audience to accept and appreciate the character. No doubt, the movie could have been another 5-out-of-10 creation with a confident star as Cumberbatch. He looks stunning in delivering both the silly and the serious scenes.

Meanwhile, the first seven minutes of the movie foray into a very magical universe replete with relics, dark dimensions, sorceress and a punch in the mouth. An exciting fight scene featuring kaecillius (Mads Mikkelsen) along with his noble sons to take on Tilde Swinton, the Ancient One.

I also love how the movie permeates a sense of humor to the entire fare making it a well-rounded Marvel piece. The movie starts with a brilliantly balanced script by C. Robert Cargill, Scott Derrickson and Jon Spaiths.

Upon the creation of this stirring superhero gala, Marvel Studios is indeed a well-oiled machine. Marvel is used to churning out a bunch of superhero flicks every year, but Doctor Strange is by far the smoothest and show-stopping razzle-dazzle that I ever watched. 

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