Sunday, November 6, 2016

Doctor Strange’ Stunning Example of Marvel Magic

As the latest addition to Marvel’s renowned superhero line-up, Doctor Strange pushes the Cinematic universe into a whole new direction- something that is cool, brilliant and bold. Critics are on board, leaving praises and compliments for the originality and imperious charisma of the characters. Indeed, Doctor Strange is an interesting break from the classic Marvel fare.

Looks entirely fresh!

By ditching the usual plots of technologically-gifted geeks and gallant super soldiers, Doctor strange feels entirely fresh. It sizzles with a lot of energy, transitioning from a single point to another, without any moment wasted.

Intensely electrifying effects

I also noticed that the movie does not just imbue an iconic theme for the hero, but it also creates an appropriate mood for the entire ride. The visual effects are electrifying and CGI is indeed skilled to imagine and create a world that is way far from other superhero movies. Kudos to Marvel’s brilliance this time once again.

I’m seriously impressed by the gnarling and twisting buildings such those segments of your Rubik’s cube. You’d love the adjacent edifice that buckles over and then starts to spin to take down different magical characters. The gravity shifts also look mesmerizing in every angle on the camera.

Boost To Marvel’s Slot Games
With a very stable reputed decades of comics leading to a large fan base, it’s no surprise that most of the characters have been adopted by the world of online casinos, too. At present, Marvel have many online slots games for those who can’t get enough of the heroes on movies.

Brilliant Attack To Characters
Critics also praise Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch for bringing an evident seriousness to his role that helps in bridging in the skepticism gap brought about by any comic movie. His reverent style to attacking his role, both as a narcissist, and a magic wizard, makes it easy for the audience to accept and appreciate the character. No doubt, the movie could have been another 5-out-of-10 creation with a confident star as Cumberbatch. He looks stunning in delivering both the silly and the serious scenes.

Meanwhile, the first seven minutes of the movie foray into a very magical universe replete with relics, dark dimensions, sorceress and a punch in the mouth. An exciting fight scene featuring kaecillius (Mads Mikkelsen) along with his noble sons to take on Tilde Swinton, the Ancient One.

I also love how the movie permeates a sense of humor to the entire fare making it a well-rounded Marvel piece. The movie starts with a brilliantly balanced script by C. Robert Cargill, Scott Derrickson and Jon Spaiths.

Upon the creation of this stirring superhero gala, Marvel Studios is indeed a well-oiled machine. Marvel is used to churning out a bunch of superhero flicks every year, but Doctor Strange is by far the smoothest and show-stopping razzle-dazzle that I ever watched. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Read This Doctor Strange 2016 Movie Critic Review Before Watching It On Cinema

Doctor Strange won’t be hitting theatres until November 15, but the excitement for Marvel’s next blockbuster movie is already at an all-time following positive reactions from different critics and journalists. Now the question is, “Can Doctor Strange still make this new flip of origin story exciting”? Can it score another striking smash? The answer looks YES.

Doctor Strange is considered as Marvel’s weirdest movie by far. The new hero origin movie blazes afire with impressive reviews, from its hypnotic visuals, to Cumberbatch’s performances and the origin story itself.

Critics believe that the formulaic Marvel Studios can deliver an entirely interesting big screen hit in the form of Doctor Strange. It’s the most recent proof of a great talent on and behind the screen. And just like you, I’m so excited to watch this move in the big screen. But before that, here are some attention-worthy Doctor Strange reviews that you should know before watching it.

The movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, a very narcissistic wealthy guy who learns unimaginable things that an ordinary guy can never learn- that there’s not just single universe and that there is bunch of magical guys whose job is to protect the earth from mystical nemesis. As he is driving one night, he ended up in a road crash and lost his hands. His life entirely changed. Until he makes his way to Kathmandu, Nepal and train to be a sorcerer by The Ancient One, portrayed by Tilda Swinton. Then and there, he will be trained to be a powerful yet humble hero.

Doctor Strange boasts a decent amount of clever aspects not only in the screenplay but most especially in the trippy action scenes and visual tricks. I was amazed with the Inceptionare effects, with high-rise buildings bending themselves, but this one is way better. I love the 2001-Star-Gate-sequence-themed trippy multiverse shots, fight-on-the-wall, the upside down, jump-to-this-dimension scene and the way how the good guys use their mystical powers. Plus, the 3D has also dramatically improved. Yes, meticulous movie faultfinder like me has so many good things to say about the movie.

Praises and complements have heaped out about the social effects, too. The composer, Michael Giacchinos, whose past pieces include Lost, Jurassic World, Xmen Apocalypse And The Incredibles, also receive impressive reviews from critics because of his distinctive score.

But there are some negatives that didn’t pass by the altruistic and keen eyes of the critics.  For instance, I found out that the sense of humor is a bit out of place particularly with some of the movie’s darker tones. It also has a few classic Marvel chiches such as the better-than-average villain. But despite of these simple setbacks, the overall consensus looks great. The rest of it is all good and it feel fresh and interesting making it one of Marvel’s vivid superhero spectacle.

Now I won’t spoil the fun for you viewers! At the end of the movie, I think that it is really about what it should leave its audience thinking about. More than just a distinctive film, it is a visually spectacular superhero entertainment that Marvel fans should never miss out.

Let’s be ready to be blown away by this stunning visual extravaganza.

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