Wednesday, May 18, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse - Why You Shouldn't Miss This Marvelous Movie

After seeing all the X-Men films, you might surely want another installment, right? Well, brace yourself again to another electrifying X-Men Movie as it takes you to a time shifted forward 10 years after the events of the X-Men: Days of the Future Past. But whether or not this two-and-a-half hour-movie will make money is not the question among movie enthusiasts. A better question instead is, “Will it evolve or die”?

Thanks to Ayala Malls for making our experienced watching X-Men Apoalypse movie more exciting and worth remembering.

X-Men Apocalypse is the third film in the prequel trilogy which shifted 10 years after the events of the X-Men: Days of Future Past. It is a superhero extravaganza that discuss extreme traffic control issues resembling a bumper-car nightmare. While it features a jumbled sets of many characters, it also aims to shuffle multitude of mutants and other powerful characters into an exciting story of resurrected Gods who are ready to take on the world.

Is X-Men: Apocalypse worth to watch for? Well, there’s a lot of things to see in this movie. This includes the powerful god mutant dubbed as En Sabah Nur who was awakened after a hundred of years of dormancy to spread fear and disgust to the modern world with his nightmarish mission.

Meanwhile, the superheroes are set cool. New Scott Summers Students Tye Sheridan and Jena Grey will set out at first to control their superpowers. There’s Jennifer Lawrence, a blue-skinned mystique who’s on her quest to help endangered mutants. The superheroes will then find their way to defeat the super villain En Sabah Nur.

The characters are introduced with different pasts and powers while binding up a tonal variety that is not present to other superhero films. Another remarkable thing about X-Men: Apocalypse is that it has been augmented with rambunctious humour that will keep the audience energised and entertained all throughout the movie. If there’s one thing that this movie wants to tell, it’s that it does not need to have glowering heroes and repressed trauma victims to come up with an entertaining superhero story.

The setting has a lot of twists to show, too. According to trusted Hollywood movie reviews, a decade after Days of the Future Past, the plot is applauded not only due to its sporadic glimpse of a boom box but also because of the poofy hairstyles that you can’t afford to miss. The conflict arises when CIA agent Moira (Rose Byrne) accidentally awakens En Sabah Nur, who will then gather all the villain mutants to fulfill his mission of dominating the world. With his bid to ask Magneto to join his team, Charles Xavier including his students will then step into the scene.

While X-Men Apocalypse seems to be a throwback to a less sophisticated era, it presents a better series installments for X-Men fans. It prides its colourful sequence, diverse superpowers, convincing special effects, alluring portrayals of high-caliber Hollywood stars and an exciting resolution to conflicts. If you have been fascinated by the previous X-Men movies, Apocalypse surely got great reasons why you need to sit down inside the cinema house for more than two hours. a

The modern superhero movie is back, with a more enthralling story and riveting characters. You’ve waited a lot for the Apocalypse. X-Men movie makers always prepare more and more things for avid fan than ever. Now, will you miss another stirring X-Men movie?


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