Saturday, August 6, 2016

Suicide Squad Movie Review - Coz We Are The Bad Guys

Superheroes are known for their extraordinary powers. And considering how everyone loves to idolize those movie characters, it’s never a surprise that the courageous plucky heroes, unblemished Boy Scouts are likely to receive all the praise. However, when evil starts to come out and ruin the society’s fun, it’s more than just a superhero or antihero movie. This is what a great writer, David Ayer, conveyed in the DC’s Suicide Squad. If you’re a movie enthusiast, let’s take a deeper dive on this Suicide Squad.

Oh! I found the movie to be formulaic- another impressive variant of “The Dirty Dozen”, if you’re already watched it. I love how David put assemble a team of bad guys that are powerful enough to take on the nemesis in a very extravagant badness, and coolness of course. It deserves our attention by virtue of the movie’s exceptional ineptitude and startling cynicism. Simply put, Suicide Squad equates an all-out badness attack on the entire idea of entertainment. And that’s what I love about it. Plus, I love these super villains with their anti-hero powers.


Are you familiar with the New 52 reboot? If so, Deadshot was the team leader until he met his demise when he died trying to spare Amanda Waller from an assassination. Known as an expert marksman, he has played a role as an Assassin for hire. He’s one of the most prominent members of the Squad. His power includes precision and strategy to keep other convicts in line.

At one point in the slog that is “Suicide Squad,” Will Smith’s character laments that he and his team of reluctant do-gooders must battle “the swirling ring of trash in the sky.” That’s a pretty apt description of the movie as a whole, too: It’s massive, messy and noisy. And it stinks.


If someone’s skilled in ropes, that would be Slipknot. As a trained assassin, Slipknot caught the attention of the Suicide Squad when he was in prison during the crossover event Millennium in 1988. He joined the team to eliminate an alien nemesis base called Manhunters. However, he realized that he lacks the skill to defeat the aliens so he attempted to escape the squad. Unluckily, an armband bomb ripped off his left arm due to his disloyalty to the team.

Captain Boomerang 

If you’ve loved X-men apocalypse, you will also be amazed by Suicide Squad because of Boomerang. As his name implies, Captain Boomerang is a boomerang master. After the death of his father (Digger Harkness), Owen assumed the role and joined the group to defeat different groups including the Suicide Squad.  Aside from his skill in using boomerangs, he is also known for his super speed.  


Once a freelance artist, June Moone was destined to hold the mantle of a magic practitioner among the Suicide Squad. She turned into an Enchantress and used her sheer powers to eliminate a number of magical enemies. Unluckily, that heroic character has quickly transformed into a villainous one after she fought Supergirl to the quest of gaining her omnipotent power. But after knowing that the Enchantress persona is from the evil dimension, she reconnected with her true self and became a Suicide Squad member again.


Maybe you’re already familiar with the Soultaker sword. Well, that was Katana’s weapon, at least at first! Katana’s appearance in the film was a surprise. Later on, Tatsu defeated her and had been able to take the sword. When she realized that it contains the power of the Maseo, Tatsu trained as a samurai master and gained the katana power to fight for justice.

Harley Quinn

Unlike the other Suicide Squad members, the history of Harley Quinn got a strange story. Harley became a part of the Squad after the New 52 reboot. However, when she heard about the death of Joker, she became a traitor and didn’t function as a Suicide Squad member. Having lost her connection to Joker and Batman, she became an anti-hero. She became a professional psychiatrists and a Roller Derby team leader to continue fighting for justice. Aside from his extraordinary combat powers, Harley Quinn has also a very high resistance to toxin. After a year of realization, she was again ready to be a part of the Squad member and joined the mission.

El Diablo

Known for a very tremendous pyro kinetic powers, he’s a gangster who has once burned down a building with innocent children and women. He surrendered to the police, moved on and was later inducted by the Suicide Squad.

Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg is a Suicide Squad member who has a lot of incarnations in the comic version. Rick was a military man and was once one of the leaders of the Squad. Yes, he doesn’t have superpower but he’s got skills and expertise as a product of intensive training. 

Killer Croc

You know Batman, then he’s linked to Killed Croc. He’s a member of the Squad with a very special armor- his skin. Some of his skills include endurance, speed, superhuman strength and sense. 

And oh! I almost forgot about “The Joker”. Well, that’s probably because of his bare appearance in Suicide Squad, though he has hyped participation. He’s been portrayed by Jared Leto, with a manic smile, green hair and a homicidal tendency to make the movie more creepy, and frightening.

Should you join Suicide Squad’s fans?

As an avid fan of DC’s comics, I would invite my friends and families to give this movie a try. It is definitely a rip-roaring marvelous anti-villain romp displayed by its hyper real and high-energy trailers. Suicide Squad is a fire in the hole in order to give a hand to Warner Bross’s ambitious slate of future superhero epics that everyone will surely love. Some people said that it has been jumbled and not good as they expected, but you know what? I never noticed it as I was very busy watching and enjoying the movie, plus its characters. The supervillains really made a great combo! All of them, mind you, are great! Plus, you’ve to see Margot Robbie! She’s HOT as ever! You’ve loved the Superman versus Batman. Now it’s time to idolize the great characters behind those tremendous powers in Suicide Squad!

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