Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why I’m In Love with Wonder Woman and I Rate Her 95%?

Finally! The DC Extended Universe found the cure to its troubled repute! And it wasn’t done the Superman way. It was done the Amazonian way. Thanks to Wonder Woman!

The troubled balance between DC’s philosophy and trilling actions has now been restored by a muscular origin story that defines the real heart of the genre. Previously, DC Extended Universe has tried to amaze us with some skeptical and somewhat hostile movies, you know… with Superman, Batman, and the Suicide Squad. But DC finally got it right! Wonder Woman delivers a welcome respite with Israeli star Gal Gadot, who was able to take the avatar of truth and justice into a newer height.

Before she turned into a Wonder Woman, she was an Amazonian princess who was trained to be an unsurmountable fighter. Raised on a cushy island paradise, Diana found out an intense massive conflict in the outside world from an American pilot who chased on their shore. She was convinced that she can put an end to this threat.

Despite being a superhero original story, the tale of Wonder Woman is no similar to the super soldiers and street vigilantes in other movies. Even Thor who travels from his space palace to a trifling town in the midst of nowhere is totally different from Gal Gadot, who leaves her paradise to take on a world full of adversity.

The philosophy is stirringly different from the other DC heroes. Signature heroic items such as tiara, bracelets, and lasso unfold all throughout. The origin has been recapped again and again to give justice to the ridiculous parts, but it powerfully moves forward into an amazing exposition.

Wonder Woman symbolizes a couple of crucial balancing pieces: adventure and angst and humor and seriousness. But the most stunning balancing act is portrayed by Diane and Steve over whether Ares mythology is real, and whether or not the magical hidden Amazon islands have any place in the outside world. The special effects are intense but not tiring, the big actions are delightful, and add to that the wonderfully made climaxes. Gadot successfully carries out every part of the movie, even the sloggiest ones.

Director Patty Jerkins has capitalized on Gal Gadot’s athleticism, choreographing battle scenes as if they were modern ballet. Yes, slow-motion can be numbing in this milieu, but when it was augmented by Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer’s powerful theme, it delivers an epic quality in every sequence.

All in all, Gadot is simply amazing. No. She is MARVELous. She’s totally bold, commanding, and everything needed to bring back the DC Extended Universe back to the star! Superman, Batman, and the Suicide Squad shares the same question: What does heroism mean? Wonder Woman finally answered it!

Yes, Wonder Woman has proven to be a physically and resonate character that won me 5 stars! It’s a super refreshing superhero formula that we haven’t seen in the DC Extended Universe yet. I personally recommended it to my friends and GIRLFRIEND!

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