Thursday, March 23, 2017

What I Love and Worry about the ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

When I was a kid, I used to scream ‘Go, go, go Power Rangers’! Yes, I am an avid fan of Power Range, and I would lay all my cards on the table. First off, I would say that Power Rangers flirt with jittery materials, such as the leaked- nude subplot, and the teen heroes uttering the word ‘shit’ many times. But I won’t say that it’s a cash grab at all. Personally, I have witnessed its ups and downs.
Power Ranges, a reboot after 20 years, is an attempt to create something new, while paying reverence to the original Fox’s kids show Might Morphin Power Rangers. Unfortunately, director Dean Israelite didn’t find a pretty way to balance the new and the old.

Power Ranges revolve around the story of five ordinary teens, who are destined to become extraordinary upon learning their idle town, and the whole world, is on the throes of an alien threat of evil sorceress called Rita Repulsa. Picked out by destiny, these 5 infamous ordinary heroes quickly find out that the safety of the world is in their hands. But first, they need to overcome their real-life conflicts before it’s too late, and band together to form the mighty Power Rangers.

The good thing about this reboot is that it invests a serious amount of time in grabbing the audience to resonate to its human aspects, and it succeeds in most parts. It’s refreshing to watch a movie that leans hard into the human needs. One of the most amazing moments is when the chosen five are sitting around a campfire and getting to know each other.

Another thing that makes Power Rangers worth watching is the cast. All our five new heroes are played by newcomers, and we can really see the contagious enthusiasm that they have shown. Their heroic sense of willingness and curiosity makes it amiable at the heart of Power Rangers.

If you missed the "Morphine Time", here's the video that will surely bring nostalgia in your end.

However, as the scene turns into ‘discovering of your own powers’, the movie starts to get a bit stale in its midway point.

Despite all the great fireworks, this film often looks like it would be way better if it’s at home, and not on the big screen. It’s a bit claustrophobic, and the low budget toku twist of the TV series is taken over by the alien tech designs, and the coolness of those frantic costumed marital arts battles is replaced by shaky cam and GCI slow motion.

If this movie took a bit more risks and expounded on some aspect of the mythology it clues at, it could have been a more worthwhile movie with a stronger appeal. However, at the very least, if you’re looking for a baggage-free superhero movie, with a feeling of nostalgia of your childhood’s Might Morphin heroes, this reboot won’t disappoint you at all. And if you’re a long time Power Rangers avid fans, you would love this movie than mock it. 

Imperfections aside, Power Rangers can be a cool introduction of a cinematic hero movie to the younger generation without Marvel’ credits.  I will give this movie 9/10 stars.

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