Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kung Fu Yoga Review: Jackie’s Peppy Bollywood Dance Moves Save The Day

Have you grown up watching action superstar Jackie Chan’s endearing goofiness and comic timing in his action comedy movies? Or have you missed his expert kung fu moves? Unfortunately, his latest movie with Indian actor Sonu Sood, entitled ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ didn’t do all the beats, except for his fancy Bollywood-style dance moves.

And this is such a pity because Chan is known as an expert jokester. And many JC avid fans thought that this mixture of Kung Fu and Yoga in one movie, with Hindi-China yada yada, is supposed to be a barrel laughs for everyone. But the jaded kung Fu moves were obviously hardly labored, and they’re a yawn.

Here, Jackia Chan is an India Jones- themed archeologist hunting for valued Indian treasures with the help of younger assistants in this reunion movie with director Stanley Tong. When a lovely Indian professor, played by Disha Patani as Ashmita, approaches him with a map of Indian treasures from the Magadha Dynasty, Jack decided to do the exploration with his helpers.

The story starts with an animated comic that displays a war between the warriors from the Tang Dynasty and the villain general Arunasva. Next, there’s a cartoonish portrait of, like, 300 BC stuff. And frankly speaking, moviegoers and critics think that the movie makers should have chosen a better tittle than ‘Kung Fu Yoga’. Aside from a vague mention of Yoga’s breathing techniques, the movie has actually nothing to do with yoga.

The adventure takes the cast from one unusual destination to another, from an encounter with wolves in Tibet, an action-packed car chase with a lion in Dubai and hungry bunch of hyenas in Rajasthan. And of course, there’s the group of human villains equipped with raging guns. A bit of the movie is taken in Dubai just to give us a cool car chase with Jackie having an unexpected guest lion at the back seat. The crashes and roars may have ensued, but they’re all a big yawn for moviegoers. Even the bunches of clichés about India are frankly more wearisome than funny.

On the good side, the only time this Indiana-Jones styled movie comes to life is a cool item with all the casts and some extras. A vigorous closing dance sequence, following an underwhelming and sober climax, pays tribute to Bollywood dance numbers. His preppy Bollywood dance moves prove two things. Chan can break a leg. And a dance and song choreographed by Farah Khan still prevails. And oops, by the way, don’t expect to see customary bloopers on the closing credits.

Kung Fu Yoga | Song | Jackie Chan, Disha Patani Action-Comedy Movie

Rounding off, Kung Fu Yoga is chastely intended for Jackie Chan fans who want to witness how he bonds with Indian actors and actresses in an Indiana Jones style movie. Sad to say, this movie is definitely not his best performance ‘coz we all know what he has already proven. Watch this movie only if you are in the mood to enjoy some humorous action sequences and gestures. And of course, give it a try if you want to see how Jackie Chan can sportingly shake a leg in a Bollywood-style dance number.


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