Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Should The Fantastic Four Sequel Feature Namor Or The Silver Surfer?


          Fantastic Four is yet to open to theaters this August 7, but 20th Century Fox already has plans on having a sequel set for release on 2017. The verdict might still be up whether the Fantastic Four reboot delivers both critically and financially, but if it does there's no escaping the thought of what the future might hold for the newly rebooted franchise. Which villain should the Fantastic Four face for the sequel? The cast has some ideas on who it should be.

The reboot will introduce us to perhaps the most famous villain that the Fantastic Four has ever faced, Dr. Doom, but it will also set up one character that will probably be back for the sequel. Tim Blake Nelson is set to play the Mole Man, but we will see him first in the movie as a politician involved with the team. Whether he would play the main villain for the sequel is still up to debate, but he has confirmed on signing on for future installments.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Jamie Bell - the actor who plays Ben Grimm aka The Thing - wants to see one character back in the big screen. "You can't get away from Silver Surfer. I know chronologically speaking that was the next villain in the previous franchise but I think Silver Surfer is cool looking." The Silver Surfer is one of the most iconic characters in Marvel, so it's no surprise that some would want to revisit his character. But after the less than stellar sequel of the previous Fantastic Four franchise, it's obvious that Fox would want to steer away from that direction.

Michael B. Jordan ( Johnny Storm / The Human Torch) on the other hand would like to see another mutant in Fantastic Four 2, one that could possibly work in the right hands. "Namor is a cool one." The actor said. "By far, he's the strongest mutant. You know what I'm saying? Maybe not by far, but he's the strongest mutant. It would be a pretty interesting battle, the Fantastic Four vs. Namor."

As of yet however, it could be hard to have the Submariner appear in the sequel considering the rights for Namor are currently owned by Universal Studios. If they do plan on bringing him to the fold, they would have to make a deal with Universal, possibly the same as what Marvel did with Sony to bring Spider-Man to the filming location of Captain America: Civil War.

So far it's all just speculation, as the sequel is far from starting production, even more to have a filming location announced. We'll see how the reboot goes, and then maybe we can start speculation on what the sequel would bring. The sequel is set to release on June 9th, 2017. For now, catch the first superhero family battle Doom when Fantastic Four comes to theaters on August 7, 2015.


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